Makeup Brushes

It’s all about the brushes!

I’m really excited to introduce my very own Makeup Brushes which after many months of work are now available to buy right here!

A collaboration with myself and bathing beauty’s founder Georgina Jones began after a chance meeting having both moved to North Wales. George had been considering a range of makeup brushes to add to her successful and multi award winning skin care range determined to make them cruelty free and vegan in line with Bathing Beauty’s founding principles. However she realised she was lacking the technical expertise which is where I came in!

We decided on a set of 10 brushes using traditional Korean brush making skills and everything has been considered including the weight and thickness of the handle, the length and angle of the fibre, the fullness of the head and the ability of each brush to hold and disperse the different makeup formulations.

Years of teaching ladies to apply their own makeup made me realise that hardly anyone has or uses makeup brushes and if they do, they don't know how to keep them clean and hygienic. George also found that despite working with some of the worlds best makeup artists whilst traveling the world as a fashion model, she was a bit lost when it came to applying her own makeup. This gave us the great idea to put a glossary on the back of each makeup box. A mini masterclass at your mirror.